Identafi® Technology

Identafi® technology includes nineteen issued patents and seven patents pending relating to the detection of various types of pre-cancerous conditions (dysplasia) and cancers. The detection is made through the processing of optical fluorescence and reflectance in certain body tissues. The Identafi® core technologies are based on high-speed, high-resolution capabilities from its patented optical processing technology and includes the ability to read metabolic and physiologic differences in diseased and healthy tissue in the human body. The core technology provides for the Identafi® technology platform development and introduction of cancer diagnostic products.

The screening product is housed in an easily portable unit designed for use in the offices of dentists, specialists and general practitioners for screening and diagnosing cancers and pre-cancers. Products now in development will be able to detect pre-cancerous cells and cancers in specific areas of the body including, but not limited to, oral (the mouth, throat, tongue and tonsils), cervix, skin, bladder, esophagus and colon.